Jul 13, 2016

10 Protein Rich Lunches for your Picky eater

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Protein is a very important nutrient for growing children. It is essential for building bones and for maintaining glowing, healthy skin too. Kids can get their share of protein from irresistible dishes such as spinach and cheese balls and the delicious South Indian adai which are abundant in protein-rich ingredients such as dairy products and pulses.

Protein-Rich Adai Recipe


Perfect for any meal of the day (just vary it in quantity!), this evergreen South Indian recipe which is a mix of different dals soaked and ground along with rice and spices to make a batter, which is cooked into thick pancakes.  Check the recipe here


Corn Parathas


The perfect lunch recipe for growing children, these Parathas sure are filling and will keep your child satisfied till the next meal. And it sure does solve your woes as well, because your child will consume the nutritious spinach that is masked in the dough! Here is the recipe

Black Bean Dal


There is a great feel-good factor booster in this protein-rich recipe! black bean dal is a tasty and wholesome dal, which is also very easy to make. All in all, a lot of good things in one package! you just need to remember to plan ahead and soak the dal overnight, and then the tomatoes, onions and common spice powders will work their magic.  Try the recipe 


Creamy Spinach Toast

spinach toast

A classic breakfast option to prepare on days when you have half an hour to spare. For those who find bread dry and slow to ingest without oodles of butter or cheese, the creamy and moist spinach filling provides a low-cal alternative. The creamy spinach toast adds up to just 26 calories per piece, while at the same time providing a good spread of nutrients including, calcium and proteins required to rush into the day!


Kid-Friendly Chicken Tikka Masala

chciken tikka masala for kids

Turning the traditional Chicken Tikka Masala into one that can be savoured by children (and adults like) is simple – keep a check on the spices. Keeping this curry mild will in no way take away from its aroma and flavour. Serve it up in bowls that can be handled easier by kids and voila! The children are happy! Also, kids love the red tint that the dish boasts!

Chicken Korma with Coconut Milk


This dish is everything mild on a plate, with a dash of aromatic spices to spruce up things! Chicken breast that is rich in protein is marinated in soothing yogurt and sweet coconut milk to give this dish a unique twist.Check the detailed recipe here.

Spinach and Cheese Balls

cheese balls with spinach

This power-packed snack is made up of cheese and paneer, 2 dense sources of protein. Paneer has a bland flavour and thus blends well with any ingredient. This recipe is sure to be enjoyed by people of all age groups especially the kids who love to munch on finger foods like cutlets, tikkis. So, this is a good way to sneak protein into their diet through foods that they love! Your recipe is here.

Fish Curry for Children

Fish curry

Fish is very high in protein content and is digested relatively easily too. Healthy fish that can be served up for children include sardines, mackerel, seer fish, pomfret etc. This recipe uses ginger, garlic and turmeric powder to flavour the curry and is mild enough for children. Its flavour can be further enhanced (and made milder) with the addition of a teaspoon of coconut milk at the end, after removing the pot from the fire.

Gobi Paneer Paratha

Gobi paneer Parantha

An innovative parantha recipe, gobhi paneer paratha is wheat roti stuffed with grated cauliflower(gobi) and crumbled paneer. The gobhi paneer parathas are tasty and simply melts in the mouth, when served with pickle and curd.  Check for the recipe here.

Kids’ Fave Chicken Manchurian

Chicken Manchurian

With gravy that is seeped in memories of China, this indo-chinese variant of the very popular dish is an instant hit with kids. Cornflour gives thickness and body to the gravy and the chicken brings in the essential protein component. Adjust the spice levels according to your requirements.

Check this recipe here.

Nutritious Mini Pizza

Mini Pizza

Mini pizza is a coin shaped round pizza recipe made with a whole wheat flour base and low fat cream cheese and protein-rich paneer as topping. Prepare everything, including the pizza base, at home and then top it with a delectable combination of veggies, sauces and cheese.

Read the recipe here.

Now that you have enough arsenal in your kitty, get out there and whip up these delicious dishes for your kids!

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