Feb 01, 2017

Meat : Frozen vs Fresh.

Chaitanya | Chicken, Cooking Tips & Tricks, Mutton, Sea Food

There are several questions that plague every cook when you’re out shopping for meat, “Do I buy frozen meat or should I buy fresh meat?”. “Which is better?”. “It’s convenient sure, but is frozen meat even healthy?”. “What’s the big difference between frozen or fresh meat?”. And then there’s the question of the price difference…

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The Paleo Diet

Chaitanya | Cooking Tips & Tricks, Recipes, Sea Food

As soon as you read the title, most of you might just dismiss this as yet another fad or get-rich-quick scheme invented by lazy people without a better job to do. You might even say diets are for people who are ill or overweight or some such weird problems. But, unlike most diets this is…

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Jul 25, 2016

Do You Need Food for Thought? Food for the Brain: Fish and More..

Admin | Sea Food

That foods such as fish are essential brain foods had been dismissed as simply just another old wives’ tale until recently. However, the brain needs nutrients as much as any other organ in your body. Whether your goal is to improve your memory or simply to stay sharp and focused, studies have found that the…

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Jun 16, 2016

New Marinades on Our Menu

Admin | Chicken, Sea Food

Hello All  We are excited to inform that we have added new Marinades to our Menu. Lemon Chilli Marinade: Kaju Fish Tikka: Spicy Pesto Chicken:   Shop at our Online Meat shop & taste our fish, chicken marinades that will turn to be a hit among your family members.

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Jun 07, 2016

Enjoy the Benefits of a Low Carb Diet with Fresh Seafood

Admin | Recipes, Sea Food

Going Low Carb With Seafood is Now Easier Than Ever! Find lip-smacking yet healthy seafood recipes here.  Going low carb is all the rage these days. Here we take a look at why this system   works, dispel a few popular myths and provide you with seafood recipes that are delectable yet easy on your…

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